Cat CG132B-16

Energy Cat CG132B-16

Cat CG132B-16

Cogeneration units

  • Optimized engine components mean the CG132 uses up to 50% less lubricating oil than competing generator sets, which means more money stays in your company's pockets

Smaller footprint
  • The CG132 uses nearly 50% less space than similar system
  • Less space means lower installation costs

Cat Total Electronic Management System
  • Temperature and pressure monitoring for each cylinder
  • Anti-knock control allow for maximum power output and the best possible fuel utilization, even if gas composition changes

Flexible Fuel Usage
  • Our gas-mixer technology and Total Electronic Management System let you use a wide variety of gases, including problematic gases like digester, landfill and sewage gases

Engine Specifications
Engine ModelCG132
Displacement35 l
Bore132 mm
Stroke160 mm

Generator Set Dimensions
Length4200 mm
Width1780 mm
Height2150 mm
Dry Weight - Genset8070 kg

Generator Set Specifications
Continuous Rating800 kW @1.0pf
Fuel TypeNatural Gas, Biogas, Hydrogen Blend (up to 25%)
Maximum Electrical Efficiency43.5% / 42.6%
Maximum Standby Rating800 kW
Frequency50 / 60 Hz
RPM1500 / 1800 rpm

Cat CG132B-16
Cat CG132B-16
Cat CG132B-16
Cat CG132B-16
Cat CG132B-16
Cat CG132B-16
Cat CG132B-16