Cat CG260-12

Energy Cat CG260-12

Cat CG260-12

Cogeneration units

  • Anti-knock control and cylinder balancing protect the engine from overload and ensure reliable operation
  • State-of-the-art turbocharger A140 with Wastegate ensures full performance even under high temperatures and higher altitudes
  • Higher reliability and lower maintenance costs due to open combustion chamber technology

High Availability, High Profitability
  • Miller valve timing and optimized compression ratios ensure high efficiency and low fuels costs
  • More profit for your plant
  • Long maintenance intervals and general overhaul only after 80,000 oh allow an operation of 10 years without general overhaul
  • Flexible fields of application also with fluctuating gas qualities due to Total Electronic Management (TEM)

Optimized Lubrication Consumption
  • Savings of up to 4,000 liters of lube oil per year compared to comparable gensets
  • Improved components reduce lube oil consumption
  • Lower operating costs due to 30% lower lube oil consumption in comparison to similar products

Engine Specifications
Engine ModelCG260-12
Displacement203.9 l
Bore260 mm
Stroke320 mm

Generator Set Dimensions
Length8000 mm
Width2660 mm
Height2794 mm
Dry Weight - Genset40649.6 kg

Generator Set Specifications
Continuous Rating3333 / 3000 ekW @1.0pf
Fuel TypeNatural Gas, Coal Gas, Hydrogen Blend (up to 25%)
Maximum Electrical Efficiency43.90%
Frequency50Hz / 60 Hz
RPM1000 / 900 rpm

Cat CG260-12
Cat CG260-12